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Ready to face the challenges along the border with China: Army Chief News – India


NEW DELHI: Army Chief Gen M Naravane on Saturday denoted the creation of the

post of Chief of the Defence Staff
a “very big step” towards the integration of the three forces and said the Army will ensure its success.

He also stated that loyalty to the Constitution must guide us at all times.” “Justice, freedom, equality and fraternity enshrined in the Constitution must guide us,” he said.

Addressing a press conference, Gen Naravane said the focus of training will be to prepare the Army for future network-centric and complex wars.

“We are prepared to face the challenges along the northern border,” the army chief said when asked about improving military infrastructure in China.

“We are initiating a rebalancing of preparedness along the northern border, including the movement of advanced weapons systems,” he said.

Asked about PoK, he said: “As far as Pakistan-occupied Kashmir was concerned, many years ago there was a parliamentary resolution on it that all J&K is part of India. If Parliament wants this area to belong to us too, if we obtain orders in that regard, we will definitely take action on that.”

He said the focus would be on integration within the Army and between the three services.

“The formation of the CDS and the creation of a department of military affairs is a very important step towards integration. We, for our part, will make sure this is a success,” the army chief said.

“Integration will also be within the Army and the integrated battle group is just one example of that. But I also want to assure everyone that in this integration process we will take everyone. No one will be left behind,” he said.

The army chief’s comments come days after gene Bipin Rawat took over as india’s first Chief of The Defence Staff with the mandate to achieve convergence in the operation of the Indian Army, Navy and Air Force and refor the country’s military prowess.

“The Indian army is a professional force, behaving in the most professional and ethical way in peace, in LoC and in combat,” Naravane said

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