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‘No force on earth…’: BJP in Cong’s resolution in CAA News – India


NEW DELHI: Congress and the BJP again blocked the horns over the Citizenship (Amendment) Act (CAA) on Saturday with Sonia Gandhi led demanding that the government immediately withdraw the controversial law and the latter claiming that no force on earth can to stop its implementation.

Congresspresident Sonia Gandhi said the “sinister” purpose of the controversial citizenship law was to divide people into religious lines, and claimed that the NPR was not a benign exercise but “disguised as NRC.”

Addressing the crucial meeting of the Congressional Labour Committee, Gandhi also called for the constituting of a high-power comprehensive commission to summarize incidents of violence during anti-CAA protests.

“The CWC requires that the Citizenship Amendment Act be withdrawn and that the NPR process be stopped immediately,” the party said in a statement.

Expressing “deep anguish,” the CWC said it addressed the government’s “insensitive” response and the “flagrant use of state power” to silence the voices of dissent.

Reacting strongly to the CWC statement, the BJP said that “no force on earth” can stop the implementation of the Citizenship Amendment Act and accused Congress of duplicity about the law and the National Population Registry process.

“The CAA has already come into force and no force on earth can stop its application. In all its outreach efforts, the BJP has been highlighting the duplicity of the Congress on CAA and NPR,” said BJP G L L spokesman Narasimha Rao.

He said Congress had made a promise in Rajasthan’s election manifesto on citizenship for Hindu refugees.

“Citizenship for Hindu refugees in Rajasthan and Gujarat was expanded by manmohan Singh’s government twice in 2005 and 2006,” Rao said, adding Singh as leader of the opposition, had demanded citizenship for Pakistan’s religious minorities and Bangladesh.

“As for nPR as well, Congress must explain why the NPR in 2010 was secular and acceptable as it becomes dangerous in 2020. At both the CAA and nPR, Congress is hypocritical. The BJP would put the double-word of the Congress party,” Rao added.

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