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Karnataka: ‘Don’t look at me’, mom tells the brothers as she kisses her lover in Karnataka News – Bengaluru


BENGALURU: The two-teen statement that his mother had a relationship with a driver and behaved inappropriately with him in front of them ensured that his legal battle against the dissolution of his marriage is a lost cause. The teenagers said they didn’t want to live with her, as they feared both for their future and for their lives.
The evidence of the girl and her brother, linked to the circumstances narrated by her father Naresh (name changed) and along with evidence from other witnesses, showed that the woman was cruel and responsible for ruining her marital life, a bank of judges PB Bajanthri and Nataraj Rangaswamy watched. He dismissed Kamala’s appeal (name changed) challenging the dissolution of his marriage.
On October 11, 2013, an Ankola court ruled in Naresh’s favor based on the testimony of his two sons and additional evidence submitted by some family friends. The same was challenged by Kamala and the high court dismissed his request, again citing the children’s solid evidence.
The teenagers had told how their mother would take them to an ice cream parlor with their lover, made them sit 10-15 feet away and asked them not to look at them. According to the brothers, the woman and her lover kissed and hugged in front of them.
Naresh and Kamala tied the knot at Ankola in December 1993. He claimed that Kamala insisted that they lived in his parents’ house and refused to stay with him until then. To assimilate his wife, he moved into a rented house in Kumta. According to Naresh, one day his wife threw kerosene at him in his sleep, and he almost escaped. The family then moved to another village. He claimed Kamala bought a mobile phone in 2005 and spent a lot of time talking to someone. When he confronted her, Kamala said she was talking to her nephews and nieces.
On October 6, 2007, he read a message on his phone – “Good night dear, I love U.” When Naresh interfied his Kamala he lost his temper. Soon, Naresh learned about her boyfriend of her children.

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