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Amit Shah: The falsity of the opposition over caA created anarchy in the country News – India


GANDHINAGAR: The Union’s interior minister, Amit Shah, argued on Saturday that the falsehood propagated by opposition parties against the Citizenship Act (CAA) has created anarchy in the country.

Shah also dared Congress leader Rahul Gandhi, The Chief Minister of West Bengal, Mamata Banerjee, Delhi’s Chief Minister Arvind Kejriwal, and the Communists to show him any arrangements in the CAA, which would remove citizenship from the Muslims in the country.

“The opposition has no other issue, so they are spreading misinformation and falsehood about the CAA. This has led to anarchy across the country,” Shah said.

Their statements come in the wake of violent protests in parts of India over the CAA, the National Register of Citizens (NRC) and the National Population Registry (NPR).

Shah was speaking at the opening of several Gujarat police projects here.

Union Ministry of The Interior issues notification, CAA enters into force

The Center announced Friday that the Citizenship (Amendment) Act will take effect from January 10. Under the Act, non-Muslim refugees from Pakistan, Bangladesh and Afghanistan will receive Indian citizenship. The CAA was approved by parliament on 11 December and since then there have been widespread protests against the act in different parts of the country.

“Persecuted minorities have to come to India to save themselves. But previous governments did not give these migrants any ease thinking it would make others unhappy,” he said.

“Rahulbaba, Mamata, Kejriwal and the Communists are spreading lies that CAA will remove citizenship from Muslims. I challenge you to show me such a provision in the Law,” Shah said.

“I urged BJP workers to visit every home and ruin the lies and misinformation that spreads against the CAA. Since there is no option for Modiji in politics today, the opposition is resorting to falsehood,” he said.

“We have the power to make people understand the truth. After our campaign is over, the people of the country will understand the importance of the CAA,” Shah said.

He also said there was no violence in Kashmir after the repeal of Article 370 and that not a single person has died there because of it.

“Some opposition leaders had stated in Parliament that there will be bloodbath (if Kashmir’s special status is revoked). Such statements are registered. But people gave an appropriate response to those leaders. Not a single person has died there since Article 370 was abrogated,” the Head of the BJP said.

Praise be to the Gujarat Department of the Interior and the state police for effectively dealing with crime, he said governments can make the most use of technology to curb crime.

Shah had previously served as minister of state for his home in Gujarat when current Prime Minister Narendra Modi was chief minister of the state.

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