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A 20-year-old woman in Bihar seeks divorce while the husband avoids regular shaving and bathing. Patna News


PATNA: In a strange case, a 20-year-old woman from Vaishali district has sought divorce on the grounds that her husband stinks as she does not lie down, bathes and brushes her teeth regularly. She also complained that her husband does not follow the label and manners.

The State Women’s Commission (SWC) heard Soni Devi’s complaint and asked her husband Manish Ram (23) to fix his ways in two months. Otherwise, the commission would take appropriate action on the complaint.

Pratima Sinha, a member of the SWC, said Friday that Soni, a resident of Nayagaon village under the Desri block in Vaishali district, approached the commission on Thursday in search of her husband’s divorce. “I was surprised by his foolish reasons for seeking a divorce,” Pratima said.

In her petition, the woman said she was married to Manish, a plumber by profession, in 2017. “My husband sucks because he won’t shave and bathe for almost 10 days in stretching. Besides, he doesn’t brush his teeth. He also has no manners and follows labels,” the petitioner claimed.

The SWC member said the whistleblower was adamant in her demand for separation from her husband. “I don’t want to live with my husband anymore. I can’t stand humiliation anymore. Please get rid of this man (read husband); it has ruined my life,” Pratima quoted Soni.

Soni also insisted that her husband return the jewels and other valuables, which her father had given as a dome at the time of the marriage. “We don’t have children. Even our relationship as husband and wife is not cordial. Life doesn’t make sense. It’s worthless,” he told the commission.

The SWC member said he tried to convince the couple not to break their marriage bond. “I have given your husband two months’ time to fix his ways. If your behavior is not satisfactory even after that, we will take appropriate action and refer the matter to the family court for separation,” Pratima told this newspaper.

Manish, when contacted, said, “Hum saath rahna chahte hain (I want to live together).” He was a little nervous about the development and said he would fix his ways and try to earn his wife’s trust.

Although Soni is not an educated woman in the convent and belongs to a family of castes scheduled salteaderos of lower middle class, but is aware of what is happening and also knows her rights, Pratima said.

When asked if the committee was entitled to do anything in such a case, the SCW member said, “We primarily play the role of arbiter on those issues.”

As we elaborate further, Pratima said, “At least we can help women by chasing their in-laws” to return valuables. It is true that you will have to approach the family court for the final separation. We’ll cooperate with her. But our first priority is to resolve the issue.”

Pratima also said she had encountered such a complaint for the first time since taking office as a member of the commission. “Divorce is taken by married couples on petty issues, which is not a good sign,” he added.

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