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Seeing is believing, seeing normality in daily life: Vietnamese ambassador on j&K News visit – India


NEW DELHI: Vietnamese Ambassador to India Pham Sanh Chau, who is part of a delegation of envoys making a two-day visit to Jammu and Kashmir, said Friday that he witnessed “normality in the daily life of the people” during his trip to the region.

“I mean it was a very valuable trip. Seeing is believing. That has to have a more complete picture of the situation here,” Sanh Chau told the ANI news agency.

“My observation is that we see normality in people’s daily lives, which is a very positive sign,” he said, adding that his interactions with different groups in the region made him feel like they are “very happy with the current situation.”

Pham was part of a delegation of 15 foreign envoys from different countries who visited Jammu and Kashmir to see first-hand the efforts made by the government to normalize the situation after the repeal of the special status of the State in August last year.

The envoy added that he was not a “bureauof investigation, nor the judges of the international court. We don’t have that mandate, so we came and watched and we have an evaluation of our own. I see signs of happiness on people’s faces when I talk to them.”

The delegation, which included envoys from the United States, South Korea, Vietnam, Bangladesh, Maldives, Morocco, Fiji, Norway, the Philippines, Argentina, Peru, Niger, Nigeria, Togo and Guyana, arrived yesterday in Jammu and Kashmir.

During the visit, they met with political leaders, civil society members and senior Army officials in Srinagar and were briefed on the security situation in the region.

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