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Aishe Ghosh: JNUSU president accuses Delhi police of prejudice, says he has evidence of being attacked during on-campus violence. Delhi News


NEW DELHI: The president of the JNU student union, Aishe Ghosh, on Friday accused the Delhi police of bias, saying that she did not carry out any assaults during the violence on campus on January 5 and had evidence that she was attacked.

Ghosh’s comments came after Delhi police identified nine suspects, including her in connection with the vandalism and violence that had erupted on the campus of Jawaharlal Nehru University (JNU).

Addressing a press conference here, Ghosh said he has full faith in the law and hoped the investigation would be fair.

“I’ll get justice. But why is the Delhi police biased? My complaint has not been filed as FIR. I haven’t carried out any assault,” he said.

Previously, Delhi police have filed two separate FIRs against Aishe Ghosh for allegedly vandalising JNU server room and attacking staff members.

Opponents of UNJUN Had also met with The Secretary of the Ministry of Human Resources and Development (MHRD), Amit Khare, for their demands.

Ghosh said the ministry has assured that they will have a positive intervention on the matter and will soon publish a circular on the subject.

On January 5, a masked mob entered the UnJ campus and attacked students and teachers with sticks and rods that left several of them injured.

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