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Nirbhaya case: If he was a bad person, why would he be awarded, says the convict’s father? Delhi News


NEW DELHI: “Aaj hi mil ke aaya. Keh raha tha papa maine kucch nahin kiya (I met him today. He said he hadn’t done anything,” said Hari Ram, father of Vinay Sharma, one of the convicts in the Nirbhaya case.

Showing a medal and certificate awarded to Sharma for his good performance in jail on Independence Day in 2017, Hari Ram said: “No one highlights his awards. If he was a bad person, why would he have been awarded? My son studied and worked as a gym coach. He had dreams and would have supported us too.”

A watery-eyed Champagne, Sharma’s mother, murmured as she washed her clothes: “Kya kar sakte hain? Bhagwaan par ab bhi vishwas hai (What can we do? But I still have faith in God)..”

Pawan Gupta’s mother, another convict, had to be taken to a hospital after the death warrant came to her. Gupta’s sister Sheetal, who works with a private company in South Delhi, said: “My mother cried a lot and had to be taken to the hospital. We sent my younger brother to Noida, as this news can negatively affect him.”

The streets of the Ravidas camp, near Munirka, where the families of the two convicted people lived by gang rape, were silent on Tuesday. Champa’s neighbors and friends, who were standing in the streets, recalled the pain he has suffered over the past seven years.

“In 2012, Vinay’s parents were very happy as their wedding had been arranged. However, their lives changed after he was arrested. Any mother would be hurt if her child faced the death penalty. The case has been heard on one side. This is not a fair trial. Ek galti a bhagwaan bhi maaf kar deta hai (A mistake is forgiven by God) ” said Champa’s neighbor.

While Mukesh Singh’s family was in the courtroom, they left as soon as the verdict was announced. Residents of the colony where Akshay Thakur’s family resided had no idea of his whereabouts.

(The victim’s identity has not been disclosed to protect their privacy under Supreme Court directives on sexual assault cases)

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