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Nawazuddin Siddiqui: Comedy is easier for me and it’s hard for many people to believe. Hindi Movie News


Although he is known and appreciated for playing gloomy, dark and tiered characters with ease, Nawazuddin Siddiqui has decided to take a break from such parts. At least for a while. One of the first ‘relief’ films in which he has acted was Motichoor Chaknachoor with Athiya Shetty. And this year, he will be seen as the romantic protagonist in the debut of his brother Siddiqui in Bollywood, Bole Chudiyan. The actor’s decision to choose roles more cautiously and opt for various roles is due to the fact that he personally needed a break up of complex characters. Speaking about it, he told BT: “Intense roles can tire an actor. Some of my characters in the recent past were so full of conflict that I needed a vacation or a light film to get them out of my system. Kuch aaramwali filmein chahiye thi.”

When asked if the change in his choices needed extra effort on his part, he said, “I started my theatrical career with comedy, and I made about 200 plays. Comedy comes easier for me and that’s probably hard for a lot of people to believe today. In fact, if you’d met some of my colleagues from my days at the theater, they would have told you I can’t play serious roles. When my friend and I walked on stage, people would start laughing just by looking at us. Rajpal Yadav and I have done plays together; people would laugh just imagining our tukbandi on stage. When I was leaving Delhi to come to Mumbai, my theater teacher had told me that my share of comedy performances was over, and that I should try to do more serious things. I did just that. I played serious roles as a break from comedies. I didn’t want to become a comedian. I didn’t want a stereotype or a label. As today, it is very difficult for people to imagine me in a comedic role; you happen to set yourself to an image.”

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