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JNU Violence: Fact-checking by viral video leaves ABVP with a red face. Delhi News


NEW DELHI: A video claiming violence at Jawaharlal Nehru University on Sunday was triggered by left-wing groups attacking ABVP activists proved hugely embarrassing for the RSS-affiliated student organization on Monday when a fact check-up revealed that the attacker was actually an ABVP member. The video had been retweeted by JNU Vice-Chancellor M Jagadesh Kumar, saying that “the video testifies to #JNUVC-mamidala90’s statement that those who oppose the record for the winter session of #JNU are behind violence to sink the academic process of varsity” (sic).

The video showing a man in a red jacket beating another dress in green was widely spread on social media. It was first posted on Twitter by a journalist who stated, “This triggered the clashes on #JNU campus. Students associated with left-wing parties hit #ABVP members when they were facilitating the admissions process. Students from #Left parties wanted to cancel the admissions process in #JNU.”

The video went viral with Prasar Bharati News Services tweeting it, followed by BJP officials such as Chetan Bragta, head of IT and wunt of Himachal BJP, national IT cell chief Amit Malviya and BJP spokesman Suresh Nakhua.

However, Altnews, who evaluates fake news on Monday: “The man in the red jacket is ABVP member Sharvender Kumar, a third-year doctoral student at the Center for West Asian Studies, School of International Studies at JNU. Their identity was confirmed to Alt News by four JNU students, two of whom are from SIS.” Apparently, Kumar was beating up fellow SIS student Vivek Pandey on the school lawn.

TOI asked Durgesh Kumar, president of JNU’s ABVP unit, if Sharvender was a member of the team. Durgesh Kumar protested that “no ABVP member has committed himself to any violence,” but when it was noted that Sharvender could be seen in the company of ABVP activists carrying the team ID card, he accepted that he was actually a member of the RSS-linked student group and his student at West Asian Studies. “Why you see him beating someone, I don’t know,” the unit’s president said.

VC M Jagadesh Kumar, when asked why he had retweeted a video with the false accusation, said: “I also retweet from the mHRD handle and these are government-led Twitter handlers.” The VC added that the investigation would help identify those involved in Sunday’s violence.

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