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Ahmedabad: The man ‘Celibate’ beats the wife for asking for sex. Ahmedabad News


AHMEDABAD: A woman was beaten for demanding sex from her husband, who claims to have taken celibacy. Her in-laws also allegedly beat her when they heard about it. A complaint was filed at the women’s police station (this) against husbands and in-laws under the Domestic Violence Act on Monday.

In her FIR, the 22-year-old woman, a resident of Danilimda, claims she married a man from Sarkhej, now 25, on 14 May 2016. Initially, her husband’s behaviour towards her was decent, but changed after she gave birth to her first child in 2018.

“Over the past few months, my husband had stopped having sex with me. Every time she asked for it, she would get angry and beat me,” she says, adding that her husband claims to have adopted celibacy.

When she insisted on having sex, her husband left her house. Because of this, her in-laws began harassing her and beating her, saying that she had forced him to leave.

The woman claims that her husband was in stress due to the money she had borrowed from several lenders, and had even stopped taking care of her and her son.

“A few months ago, when my son had a severe bowel infection, my husband didn’t even pay for the drugs,” he says at the FIR.

The woman had approached the police on Monday and filed a domestic violence complaint and an dislike against her husband and four of her in-laws. The defendants have not yet been arrested.

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