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Twitterati outraged by Accenture, Zoho’s top executive plan to attend RSS event in Chennai News – Chennai


CHENNAI: Amid protests against CAA and NRC, IT companies Zoho Corporation and Accenture on Monday found it to be reaction and calls to boycott on social media.

Reports from senior executives at the companies who took part in an upcoming Rashtriya Swayam Sevak Sangh (RSS) event in Chennai surfaced on Twitter, leading the Twitterati to launch attacks on executive decisions to align with a religious organization.

A poster posted on Twitter by the @YehLog user showed that an upcoming event by the RSS’s wing of IT professionals in Chennai counted Zoho Sridhar Vembu and Accenture MD founder and chief operating officer, Chennai, Rama S Ramachandran among keynote speakers.

Retweeted nearly 1,100 times at the time of this report, users on Twitter condemned the decision of executives to align with a religious organization in their professional capacity, with calls to boycott the technological services offered by companies.

Scheduled on February 2, top tech executives will share the stage with Anirudha Deshpande, the head of All India Public Outreach at RSS, the post show.

The reaction grew to the point that Twitter users also tagged accenture’s MD Sweet update, drawing their attention to the event and asking it to intervene.

“@Accenture MD and @zoho CEO are main guests at an RSS event in Chennai. It’s time to prevent companies and their products from supporting and strengthening fascists,” Twitter user Anivar Aravind wrote.

“You will not call a boycott, for to each yours. But I’m in a position to cancel all business with @zoho thanks to @svembu participation in this event,” said other Twitter user Sachin Tandon.

Twitter users also raised concerns about what such executive decisions mean to their employees in minority communities.

Saravana Raja, a former Zoho employee and longtime critic of Vembu’s clumsy film about politics, said the question for Zoho’s employees and customers was whether to appreciate the founder’s open political position, as it was somehow supporting the RSS.

“In these difficult times of divisive politics ruining our secular fabric, everyone is choosing a side. We can see it in the reactions to #JNUattack. So, choose a side and appreciate the people who do the same, whether CEOs or ordinary citizens,” he wrote on Twitter.

Zoho’s founder, Sridhar Vembu, took twitter directly and tweeted from his account:

“I don’t decide my views based on Twitter attacks. If you don’t like the events I attend, please do as your conscience dictates, and I’ll do what mine dictates. We earn our daily bread because of our work and will continue to do quality work. I’m not going to respond to the attack.

Accenture’s Ramachandran also took Twitter to say that his participation in the event was a misunderstanding. “I have no affiliation with this group and never agreed to speak or attend this event,” he said. Since then, the RSS wing has also modified the event details to exclude the executive’s name.

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