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The UNJ attack reminded me on 26/11: Uddhav Thackeray News – India


MUMBAI: CM Uddhav Thackeray on Monday compared the attack on jNU students to The 26/11 Mumbai attack and demanded the unmasking of the “cowards” trapped in the camera bars. “I saw reports of the violence within JNU on TELEVISION and instantly i was reminded on 26/11,” said Shiv Sena’s boss, assuring students protesting the attack that he supported them and being safe in Maharashtra.

“They’re cowards. Why cover your face if you were doing the right thing? Their masks should be removed in public and their real faces exposed,” he said as he spoke to the media at his residence in Bandra.

He added that if the Delhi police do not act, there will be questions about whether the attack was “sponsored” and it would prove that the police bias would be correct. “I don’t want to make any political comment about who’s responsible, everything will be clear in a few days,” said the Sena chief who recently broke ties with BJP.

“It’s a stain on the government if students don’t feel safe in hostels and universities. I want to assure the young men of Maharashtra that I will not let anything happen to them. There will be serious repercussions if anyone tries to repeat what happened on the JNU campus, he said. “There is a sense of unease among the country’s youth and we should all come together to allay these fears,” Thackeray added.

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