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Savdhaan India fame Sushant Singh protests against UnJ attack; says ‘Democracy has been systematically killed’


Former Savdhaan India host and actor Sushant Singh joined the peace protest against the jNU attack (Jawaharlal Nehru University). Several peace protests were held in Mumbai and Sushant joined the protest held at The Gateway Of India.

In the protest, Sushant raised his voice over violence and attacks on UNJ staff and students. Sushant spoke to zoom in on the current situation and said: “It’s embarrassing for the administration, for the university administration, the Delhi police and for the central government. Students are not safe on campus.”

He added: “At first, they weren’t safe from the police, now they’re not safe from the macones and the police are still watching.” Sushant angrily uses the words, “meaningless, cowardly” and says he doesn’t know what to say to the government, but he has met the UNJ students and they are angry.

Sushant Singh clears that this has nothing to do with CAA (Citizenship Amendment Act) and has always been democracy. He’s been systematically killed in the last 5-6 years. “The institution on the institution has taken over a particular thought. Students go nowhere and the ruling party must know.”

Sushant feels that the film community has always been hesitant, but at least now there are some who are talking and choosing to take sides.

The actor is quite vocal on such themes and had previously said that staying silent was not an option for him, even if he had a cost (referring to him being knocked down as the host of Savdhaan India).

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