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Discontent in Congress grows as the NPC gains key portfolios. Indian News


MUMBAI: A day after CM Uddhav Thackeray assigned portfolios to his ministers, discontent was presented to him among members of Congress for “the crude treatment” that had been done to them. A section of the PNC ministers are also unhappy to be “marginalized.”

“Congress has emerged as the biggest loser. Looks like Congress has surrendered to the PNV. We never insist on key portfolios, except revenue. We accept the departments offered by NCP and Shiv Sena,” said a senior congressional politician. A PNC minister said the allocation of the portfolio was decided after a series of meetings with Thackeray, State of Congress President Balasaheb Thorat and PNC President Jayant Patil. “The negotiations were transparent, the senior leaders of the three parties were directly involved. There’s no point crying over spilled milk now,” the minister said.

Congressional politician said NCP has secured all key portfolios, including home, finance and planning, among others. “According to the original proposal, the home was assigned to Sena. But during the negotiations, the PNC managed to secure it. It’s the power of the NPC leaders,” he said.

“In departments assigned to Congress, only revenue and public works are significant,” he said, noting that senior Congressional leaders, including Thorat, AICC Secretary General Mallikarjun Kharge and former CM Ashok Chavan, failed to achieve secure plum posts for Congress. “The high command of the Congress insisted on the departments associated with rural areas,” he said.

“When we were negotiating for departments, it was proposed that Congress be given the position of cm of housing or dy. Both proposals were rejected, with our leaders being silent viewers,” congressional policy said.

However, within NCP as well, things don’t seem bad. Former Deputy Chhagan Bhujbal has received the insignificant department of food and civilian supplies, while Nawab Malik, the face of the PNC in Mumbai, has received minority welfare and skills development.

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