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Bigg Boss 13: Shehnaz confesses that she is possessive; gets angry when Sidharth Shukla talks to Mahira


In the last episode of Bigg Boss 13, Salman Khan appeared to be in a good mood and had fun with the contestants during the task of popping balloons at Bigg Boss’s house.

Shehnaz Gill asks she what hurts her about Sidharth Shukla. Salman also jokingly says that Paras Chhabra speaks against him with Sidharth and even listens to them. Sidharth starts laughing by saying he’ll be in trouble after this now.

A caller also asks Sidharth why he doesn’t convince Shehnaz when she’s upset because she always stands up as a pillar with him regardless of the situation. Sidharth clarifies that he has always tried to convince her because she means so much to him.

On the other hand, during a task in which the contestants were asked to vote who is the weakest between Mahira Sharma and Rashami Desai. Shehnaz votes mahira as the weakest, who did not go well with Sidharth.

Shehnaz talks to Sidharth and tells her that he always convinces and praises her. She also says that if she means nothing to him, she can always let her know.

Later, Sidharth goes and talks to Mahira. He makes her understand and says not to bring Shehnaz’s actions or words to her heart. Seeing them speak, Shehnaz becomes angry and Arti Singh comes to talk to her.

Shehnaz tells Arti that she is possessive and gets angry when he talks to her because Mahira would also be angry if Paras Chhabra came and talked to her.

Arti tried to give her advice by saying that if she does it as mahira too then there would be no difference between the two.

Shehnaz says he doesn’t care, and that’s the way he is.

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