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30 wounded as masked thugs go in uproar within JNU News – India


NEW DELHI: Tensions simmering at Jawaharlal Nehru University (JNU) turned into major violence on Sunday night when masked bruises surrounded the campus, entered Hostels in Sabarmati and Periyar, and assaulted students and teachers with lathis, rods and hammers. Sources said at least 30 people, including the president of the JNU Student Union, Aishe Ghosh, were injured.

The 50-70 bully assault began around 7 p.m. and soon intensified beyond its control, leading the university administration to call the police. The attack, which loomed a day before an expected announcement of assembly elections in the city, immediately led to off-campus outrage, with hundreds of people gathered outside the former Delhi police headquarters in the OTO at the last minute of doming Or.

Left-wing groups and ABVP blamed each other for the violence, even as EU Minister Amit Shah ordered a joint investigation at CP level and called for a report as soon as possible. A statement by JNU registrar Pramod Kumar said the violence began around 4:30 p.m. when “agitating students” attacked those in favor of the record.


However, many on campus had a different take. They said that, around 4 p.m., there was some violence during a JNU Teachers Association march against the alleged management of students. “A fight broke out between left-wing students and ABVP supporters, but ended there. But around 7 p.m., masked bullies with lathis and rods attacked the students and teachers protesting near Sabarmati. They broke into the lodge, broke glasses and beat anyone in the vicinity. Not even the teachers were saved,” said a PhD student.

Accused of inaction, police say situation now under control…

The Majones later attacked the students at the Periyar hostel and vandalized the place,” added the UnJ PhD student.

The Ministry of HRD has requested an immediate report from the JNU Registrar Pramod Kumar. Until the presentation of this report, tensioncontinue in the area with large numbers of people gathered in front of JNU’s northern gate, shouting slogans and handling people despite the police presence.

Jawahrlal Nehru Ayesha Kidwai University professor said: “Teachers witness violence. It’s not a student crash, it’s an ABVP attack. For an hour and a half the police did nothing and now they just want us to limit ourselves.”

Contralas, Durgesh Kumar, president of the ABVP JNU unit, said: “Today was the last day of registration at JNU. The left-eyed have forced an Internet shutdown at JNU for the past three days. Hundreds of those who prevent students from registering beat about 25 of our members, chasing them from the management block. They entered the Periyar and Sabarmati hostels and beat up our members.”

“Many ABVP members have been admitted to AIIMS and Safdarjung and 11 of our members are unattainable. We appeal to the police, the UNV administration and people to monitor the situation within JNU and make it a safe place,” Kumar added.

Problems have been simmering on campus since January 1, with a blockade of the information center and protesters shutting down power supply, making servers dysfunctional and hindering the online registration process. On January 3, protesting students led by JNUSU alleged that university security and ABVP paintings had handled them.

Disturbing images of injured teachers and students, including Professor Sucharita Sen and President Of JNUSU Ghosh, began to go viral on social media. At least 20 students have been admitted to the AIIMS trauma center. Senior doctors confirmed to TOI that Ghosh was one of them. “She has suffered a head injury. We’re having a CT scan to assess the damage, based on what additional intervention can be planned,” said one of the doctors.

He added, apart from Ghosh, that there were at least eight other patients – all taken to hospital from JNU – who had blunt injuries to their chest, leg and other body parts. There were at least five other people with minor injuries.

The scenes remained chaotic outside the AIIMS trauma center until late at night, as more and more ambulances carrying wounded students kept arriving. Strong security – half a dozen private guards and four police men – were deployed at the entrance to prevent the entry of uninjured people.

More than 50 people, including students and a couple of teachers, had gathered at AIIMS to get an idea of the injuries. The guards had to intervene repeatedly to get the crowd out of gathering outside the gates.

ABVB and left-wing students outside the trauma center could be seen arguing about the attackers being from the opposite camp. Students associated with ABVP alleged that injuries to their students were not being highlighted.

According to police, violence increased around 5 p.m. when two groups of students clashed on campus. Around the same time, some masked youth were seen on campus damaging public and private property.

According to senior police officers, the cars, the windows of the hostel and various other things were damaged. The university authorities will take stock of the situation and report to the police. Police said they have received complaints about masked men who allegedly moved to campus and allegedly indulged in violence. Efforts are being made to identify them.

Students complained of “foreigners” entering the university through one of the back doors, which is being polled as well. Police are scanning CCTV footage to identify wrongdoers. Police also confirmed that the UNJ administration, with written permission, had requested his intervention to restore law and order within campus.

Police entered the campus and held several flag marches. “The situation was monitored and the injured students have been rushed to the hospital. A meeting was also held with senior university officials,” said Anand Mohan, joint commissioner of the New Delhi mountain range.

Police also refuted accusations that they were silent bystanders to the violence unleashed against the students.

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