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Sunny Leone, dosti and most used to ‘get support for CAA’ News – India


NEW DELHI: 8866288662. That’s the phone number Amit Shah asked supporters on Friday to give a missed call to support the Citizenship (Amendment) Act. Now several Twitter users, mostly unverified handlers, have been using a variety of dubious ways—asking for a date, offering a free Netflix subscription, promising a free ride on a Merc—in their attempt to get people to dial that number.

A Muralikrishna from Hyderabad posted on Twitter from the unverified identifier, @MuralikrishnaE1, “Do you want a free Netflix subscription for 6 months? Call 8866288662 and get your username and password. Promotional offer, valid only for the first 1000 callers. Try your luck.” Netflix India was quick to respond. “This is absolutely false. If you want Netflix for free, use someone else’s account like the rest of us,” the video streaming company posted from its official control.

Pawan Durani tweeted from his verified handle: “Those who want Virat Kohli to be nominated as the best cricketer of the year can give a missed call to the 8866288662 #ICC.” She also retweeted and later deleted a tweet that read: Next two hours Sunny leone (sic) would be live, talk to her at 8866288662. At least one of these users, Aanchal, who goes by the handle, @followanchal, is followed by the pm Narendra Modi. She posted, “Akele ho? Mujhse dosti karoge ? followed by two red hearts and the phone number mentioned above.

Congress politician Abhishek Singhvi took Twitter to attack BJP. “This is what BJP has been doing before (sic) asking for a missed call in #SupportCAA,” he wrote around 8 p.m. as he shared several screenshots of users who had shared the number, while trying to pass it as “HR jobs,” among other things.

BJP Spokesperson GVL Narasimha Rao said many rogue elements in the opposition and anti-BJP forces on social media are out to discredit the party with cheap tricks. “BJP has more than 120 million members. A call is enough to mobilize our supporters, which has demonstrated our unprecedented success in the 2019 parliamentary polls and the huge participation of supporters in pro-CAA rallies across the country,” Rao said.

Another @__phoenix_fire_ wrote: “I’m taking a free ride on my mercena… call…” A fun unverified account @WoCharLog joined the party promising: “Bina cheer phad ke bawaasir ka shartiya ilaaz. Call karein 8866288662 (Free treatment for hemorrhoids without surgery)” Some users claimed to have received Whatsapp forward promising treats if they dialed the number.

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