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Al Shabaab says 7 aircraft destroyed in attack on Kenyan base used by US.


NAIROBI: Somali Islamist terrorists said they destroyed seven planes and three vehicles on Sunday in an attack on a military base in
KenyaLamu County is used by U.S. and Kenyan troops, although his account could not be independently verified.

In a statement, the al Shabaab group said the attack, launched at dawn, continued hours later and said its fighters were attacking Us troops in close combat.

“Seven aircraft and three military vehicles were destroyed in the attack,” the statement said, which included photos of burning planes and a nearby al Shabaab militant.

In a tweet, the U.S. African Command confirmed that an attack had occurred on Manda Bay Airfield. He said he is overseeing the situation and will provide an update “as facts and details arise.”

Kenya sent troops to Somalia in 2011 after a series of cross-border attacks and kidnappings. They were later absorbed into an African Union peacekeeping force, now 21,000, supporting the unstable Western-backed Somali government against which al-Shabaab has waged a prolonged insurgency.

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