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Hurricane Windows: The Best Solution for Safety


Hurricane windows have much more functionality than simply protecting against hurricanes. In fact, window experts refer to hurricane windows as “impact resistant windows” because of their versatility and protection. Not only do impact resistant windows provide extra security against wind, projectiles, and burglars, but they also provide protection against UV rays and exterior noises. These durable windows are made with a unique blend of products to provide high performance and flexibility. Hurricane windows are becoming the most popular option for homeowners as they know they will be fully protected against outside elements.

How do Hurricane Windows Work?

Hurricane resistant windows consist of two layers of glass with a layer of polyvinyl butyral (PVB) between them. When an object impacts the window, it will cause the glass to shatter, but it will not break. Instead, the glass will remain in place and create a web-like crack throughout the window. The durable combination of glass and a laminated interlayer provides resistance against high winds, heavy impacts, and will ensure shards of glass will not fly out when the window breaks. Because the window stays in-tact, the home is protected during a hurricane from equalized pressure and rapid air movement. Impact resistant windows withstand up to 200 miles per hour winds to prevent dangerous and catastrophic damage to any home.

WindowSimple, leaders in window replacement and installation, suggest that homeowners opt for hurricane windows because they provide protection against much more than hurricanes. The double-layered glass creates a damping effect that leads to a much higher sound insulation. Outside noises, such as traffic and neighboring activities will be difficult to hear. Impact resistant windows also block over 98% of transmitted UV light and will protect your family against harmful rays. WindowSimple also suggests hurricane windows for families that want to provide extra security against intruders, as it is nearly impossible to shatter the glass to provide an opening into your home.

Are Hurricane Windows Expensive?

Impact resistant windows usually cost between $40 and $55 per square foot. Keep in mind that this cost includes the window frame and impact resistant glass. Many families choose to use hurricane resistant glass for their doors and larger windows, which can increase the price due to a larger square footage. Single hung windows, the most common type of window, will typically cost in between $500-600 dollars per window, compared to $100-$300. If you opt to use hurricane windows throughout your home, your construction cost will increase by only few thousand dollars. Many insurance agencies will offer a discount or decreased prime for installing hurricane windows.

Homes that are not properly protected against hurricanes can lead to thousands of dollars in property and flood damage. ProRestorations, experts in storm and hurricane rehabilitation, has responded to hundreds of families that could have prevented catastrophic damage to their home had they installed hurricane windows. They always advocate for impact resistant windows for families that live in areas prone to hurricanes, as the extra cost now will save thousands of dollars in future damages and repairs.

Hurricane windows may not be the best option for everyone, but will provide protection against many elements and have been proven to be worth the cost. If you want to ensure your family is safe from UV rays, heavy winds and precipitation, burglaries, and other outside forces, installing impact resistant windows is an excellent solution.