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Essar leaks cost journos’ jobs

New Delhi,Feb 28 (TruthDive): Essar largesse has cost the job of two senior journalists based in New Delhi’s two dailies and a third working in TV channel was stripped off all duties by the organisation in the wake of them appearing in a PIL filed in the Supreme Court by the Centre for Public Interest Litigation. The PIL lists Nitin Gadkari, Motilal Vora and Varun Gandhi among others who enjoyed the largesse of Essar.

Mail Today Editor Sandeep Bamzai, Hindustan Times‘s Editor of Energy section Anupama Airy, resigned after they were named in the PIL as persons for whom Essar arranged cabs for their travel. Times of India’s English news channel Times Now has ordered an inquiry against Meetu Jain its Deputy News Editor capacity who, according to the PIL, during her stint in CNN-IBN had asked Essar for a car for personal use in 2012.

Bamzai resigned yesterday morning while Airy resigned today after she was “questioned by her superiors” about the allegation in the PIL that she asked Essar for a car.

Airy was asked to appear before an inquiry panel constituted by Hindustan Times Editor-in-Chief Sanjoy Narayan as they found that prima facie the accusation is a serious violation of journalism ethics , and that it betrays the trust of the readers. Therefore, they had no choice but to suspend Ms Airy with immediate effect. Airy chose to quit rather than face the inquiry.

Bamzai resigned on his own after he was named in Essar communications as the person who asked the group for a cab in 2012. Bamzai admitted that he did ask the Essar Group for a cab. He said it was a stupid mistake and that he was paying for it by resigning. He denied the other allegation in the PIL about his doing a hit job on Essar Group instruction.

Arnab Goswami, Times Now Editor-in-Chief said that Meetu Jain is facing an inquiry against her and that all official responsibilities have been withdrawn with immediate effect.