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Andhra farmers get a raw deal

Hyderabad,Feb 19 (TruthDive): Andhra capital zone land pooling is caught in inauspicious days and Shivratri. Farmers are staging rythu dheeksha in villages against the land pooling system.

Meanwhile, Andhra government has asked district authorities to identify urban lands that are encroached and list them out. On the lines of Telangana, Andhra plans to regularize these encroachments and mop up revenue.

Farmers owning fertile lands are refusing to part with it under land pooling system as a clause in the consent form circulated by CRDA and translated into Telugu has created a new problem. The clause says that once the land is handed over to CRDA, the owner does not have the right to approach any court over the transfer. This has scared the farmers from giving away the lands. Religiously too, CRDA was caught on the wrong foot.

Farmers said that till Shivratri , they would not give any land and yesterday they were told it is Ammavasya and for centuries no Andhra origin people did any business.

CRDA is hoping that from today the situation improves. Farmers in Andhra are in for a jolt as the government decided to not supply free power to pumps from morning till dusk. Andhra government has told them that if they need power for pump sets then it has to be through solar powered pumps. Andhra government has offered to give 70% subsidy for solar energy pump sets. A solar energy powered pump set will cost Rs 5 lakh and an ordinary one is just Rs 50,000. The balance amount can be taken as loan, said the Andhra principal secretary.

Farmers who are already in debt will not get any loan from banks. Andhra loan waiver scheme is stuck in red tapism as there is CB-CID inquiry going on into multiple loan accounts. Andhra capital region farmers who were to get Rs 1.5 lakh as compensation have not got it . This has triggered a protest against the capital land pooling.