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BJP loses in Narendra Modi constituency Varanasi

Varanasi,Jan 13 (TruthDive): Narendra Modi and Home minister Rajnath Singh got a shock when BJP lost all the seats in the poll to Varanasi cantonment polls. Though the cantonment board elections cannot be seen as a barometer of Modi magic, the fact that with hardly six months after the Lok Sabha polls and PM adopting a village in his constituency, people have voted against BJP candidates is a surprise.

Lucknow considered Rajnath Singh’s home turf saw all the BJP candidates routed by independents. In Varanasi cantonment elections which forms the Narendra Modi constituency, the elections had all BJP candidates losing the poll. Results that were available at the time of writing showed that it was mostly independents who won against the BJP.

Trend shows that BJP candidates were pitted against the local popular candidates without any political backing. The independent candidates seem to have got support from a section of the RSS and VHP who are not happy with Narendra Modi clamping down on the mass conversions that they planned in Varanasi.

In Lucknow too, the BJP supporters of Rajnath Singh seemed to have silently backed the independent candidates. The fact that within six months the civic polls show that Narendra Modi magic is not working in his LS constituency is a major embarrassment. Such instances have happended in Amethi and Rae Bareli and does not reflect any change of mood of electorate is the counter argument. These results can be used as a tool for propaganda in Delhi elections against Narendra Modi magic.

In Chhattisgarh too, BJP suffered its first electoral loss after coming to power at the Centre in the municipal elections. BJP managed to win only four of the 10 municipal corporations; out of 39 municipalities, it got 16 and from 105 nagar panchayats only 37.

Congress swept not only in rural areas but also in the capital Raipur. Though the vote was against BJP, the Congress cannot gloat over it as many Independents had won too. A pro-BJP media house has put a pre-poll survey at 34-40 seats in Delhi for the party. However, it maintains that Kejriwal is the favourite CM candidate and thereby it postures to be neutral.

Reports show that Narendra Modi magic in Delhi is on the wane. Narendra Modi is expected to play the trump card of announcing Statehood to Delhi to beat Kejriwal and get votes. Full State recognition needs RS approval is yet another matter.