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Kayal ~ Exclusive Review

Kayal ~ Exclusive Review

Chennai,Dec 26 (TruthDive): Kayal, the fictional romance hit screens yesterday along with a flurry of other movies which were on shelves for the Lingaa to mark its presence in box office. The movie is directed by Prabhu Solomon and cast includes debutantes Chandran and Anandhi.

The movie begins with the irremediable calamity of Tsunami, from 2004, where Aarun the protagonist, played by Chandran is looking for the love of his life Kayal played by Anandhi. The way the story is told is good, but the questions is, is it a pragmatic approach? Evidently, it isn’t and it doesn’t take much time to realize as well.

Kayal ~ Exclusive Review

Chandran and his friend sharing same backdrop – orphans, play wanderers who earn first six months of the year and spend the next six exploring India. They also speak philosophies on how not to lead a life with ambition and you really don’t need a role model to lead life your way. It’s presented neatly, but I must confess I felt it a bit tiresome when the protagonist tries to simulate the VIP effect with his a minute and a half long monologue delivery.

The director has been good at capturing the scenic beauty in the frame and keep the audience mesmerized. He always had the audacity to bring realistic love stories with cheesy dialogues and scenes, but it hasn’t worked well for him this time.

This is another one of his true love succeeding against all odds, with unnecessary twists and ending up a Deepavali cracker that fails to burst. There comes an almost gory looking lorry driver right before the intermission, offering Kayal a ride. This keeps us bite our nails if he might assault her, but they end up singing songs in their journey!

Kayal ~ Exclusive Review

The background score is aesthetic and the cinematography really does keeps you awestruck, but there are times when the close-up shots make you feel uneasy as though there is a documentary being played. The humorous witty benders delivered now and then make the movie a bit watchable.

And being a low-budget movie, the computer graphics as expected were belittled and doesn’t give you the feel of tsunami. Prabhu plays a cameo but his presence is lost and is of little significance to the plot.

Bottom line: A wannabe telltale saga jeopardized