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Andhra to increase compensation for farmers

Guntur, Dec7 (TruthDive): Andhra government is to increase the amount of crop loan waiver for farmers who give land for the capital. After several round of meetings with Andhra capital subcommittee, Naidu decided to announce the new package yesterday in a meeting with farmers. This had to be put off as he rushed to Harikrishna, son of NTR who died in a car crash. Sources say that the amount will be Rs 1,50 lakhs as loan waiver for farmers in Andhra capital city region. This amount fixed for farmers in other regions is Rs 50,000 in first phase. This move comes after the committee told Naidu that farmers are holding out as they feel that the quantum of land that they get back after development is too small as an acre of land has touched close to Rs 3 crore.

Naidu is likely to further increase the quantum. On Monday the minister from Singapore arrives to survey the land and hold talks.
Crop loan waiver beneficiaries list was to be put up on the Andhra government website. This has not taken place as the first loan amount of Rs 50,000 is to be paid by December 10. Andhra government will issue letters to 22 lakh farmers stating that this money has been paid to banks. This will enable farmers to take fresh loans and also ensure that banks do not trouble them. Nearly 70% of the population will be benefited. Opposition YSRC alleges that Andhra governments claim that there are one crore farmers is false, citing census figures. The total outlay of the money given towards crop loan waiver will be known after the last farmer’s dues are cleared, said the agriculture minister.

YSRC has mounted the attack on Andhra government for using TD party men to arm-twist the farmers into giving fertile land. Congress has given a memorandum to the Andhra Governor listing out the corruption taking place in the TD regime and the names of MP’s and ministers. It dubbed the TD regime as a rule of brokers.