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Obama leaves for China, Myanmar, and Australia

Washington, Nov 10 (TruthDive): President Barack Obama has on Sunday headed for China on a tour that will emphasis on the improvement of often stressed relations of Washington with the nation, and in his tour to Myanmar and Australia, Obama will be meeting the Presidents of the nation.

China is the first stop in Obama’s three-nation tour and the trip will check his capacity to showcase the role of US on world stage in his last two years at the office.

Obama reached Beijing on Monday morning taking an overnight voyage from Washington. The US President has planned to deliver a speech on the ties of US-Asia at the high-level Asia-Pacific Economic Cooperation summit. Then, he will be joining with the chief leaders of Asia for a dinner, before attending fireworks and performance at the National Aquatics Center of Beijing.

During his China visit, Obama will meet  of Xi Jinping before the tour in China ends on Wednesday before he flies to Myanmar. In Myanmar, Barack Obama will have separate meetings with Myanmar’s President Thein Sein and Aung San Suu Kyi, the iconic opposition leader. Then, he will be attending a conference of ASEAN countries in Naypyidaw. United States has battled to normalize relations with Myanmar after reforms there, eradicating most of the US sanctions forced on the military regime.

But, this week Suu Kyi cautioned that the speed of transformation was slowing down, and that United States had been over-confident about the modification process at times.

The US President will end his trip with his last stop in Australia, where the president will attend a G20 conference in Brisbane, Australia. His focus on the summit will be about the unrest prevailing in Ukraine. Obama could have a meeting with Russian President Vladimir Putin to discuss on the issues of Ukraine.

Even though, no formal meetings between them have been planned, neither side has denied that there are possibilities of having informal discussions.