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Andhra govt and TD rolls out more sops

Vijayawada, Nov10(TruthDive): Andhra government has rolled out more sops to those, who are willing to give land for the new capital. Telugu Desam party president and AP CM Naidu’s son has rolled a scheme by which a Rs 100 membership in the party would get bus pass and health insurance cover. All this comes in the backdrop of its multi millionaire MP Sujana Chowdury ( asset worth Rs 190 crore) getting a cabinet berth. Telangana CM KCR played spoilsport by organizing a function in Hyderabad, to welcome the third MLA from Telugu Desam (TD) to join TRS to make its dream of Golden Telangana, a reality. TD has 15 MLA’s in Telangana and the Assembly session is in going on.

Reports say that Hyderabad’s multi-millionaires, who stay in Jubilee hills or Banjara Hills are now buying one acre land for as high Rs 1 crore in the villages that are identified for Andhra capital as they are to get 1000 square yards in return in the World class city . The momentum has increased after Naidu said that Andhra capital city work will be fast tracked . Andhra has agreed to give a legal guarantee on the 1000 square yards that it will give in developed city apart from the Rs1.5 lakh to farmers as loan waiver. It has also promised to build homes for low income group and give it free. Farmers who are now coming around say that a common price for land is not right and that it should be based on the fertility of the farm.

Telugu Desam, which has hit on the plan to induct 6% of the Andhra population as members has set two types of membership. Ordinary membership is Rs 10 and active membership is Rs 100. Active members get a concession pass in private buses and Rs 2 lakh cover in case of death and Rs 50,000 in case of accidents. 900 party leaders carrying tablet computers are going around Andhra on the membership drive. The membership details are directly fed into the computer and stored in the central data base.