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Andhra capital in rectangular shape

Vijayawada, Nov9(TruthDive): Andhra capital would be rectangular in shape and the boundaries have been defined . Most of the farmers, who were on a war path are said to be veering round to sops announced by the Andhra government. The situation seems to be easing. The government drew the boundaries, so as to allay the rumors that lands of the bigwigs are being exempted from the land pooling. In another significant move, Andhra government has announced that no buildings or structures will be pulled down and only vacant lands will used for building the Andhra capital on two sides of Krishna river. Borapalem in Tulluru mandal is one boundary and ends at Prakasam barrage. It is an 18 km stretch. The other rectangular starts at Prakasam barrage and extends to Y junction in Mangalagiri. This junction is where the old Madras trunk road meets NH9. It is around 10 kms.

After the Andhra cabinet subcommittee meeting, it was decided that farmers would get Rs 1.5 lakhs under loan waiver scheme and it would get exemption from income tax as the government was confident that the Centre would grant it. A single policy would be applicable to all. Andhra CM Naidu said that acquisition would not benefit the farmers and hence land pooling was adopted. The gains of this system have to be told to the farmers. In 23 villages, around 40,000 farmers would benefit in first phase and in a first move, Nellapadu village has come forward with consent letters.

YSRC has alleged that TD party members have bought land on the periphery of the capital boundary, so that it can amass wealth as soon as the capital is ready and that they need not give the land under pooling. It further said that the bait to give Rs 1.5 lakhs as lump sum under the loan waiver scheme has lured many. Congress claims that farmers are in tears, as they have to give up their fertile lands and warned that Tulluru would become another Singur.