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Obama to send additional 1,500 American troops to assist Iraq

Washington, Nov 8 (TruthDive): President Barack Obama has sanctioned additional 1500 American troops to Iraq , doubling the figure of Americans. They will advise and train Kurdish and Iraqi services, as they are planning for a major attack that is likely to happen next spring against the fighters of Islamic State, who have entered from Syria, an official statement said on Friday.

The decision of the president to intensify the efforts of US in Iraq has come just 3 days after the midterm polls and in the midst of persistent opinions that added U.S. troops are required to strengthen the struggling forces of Iraq. Particularly, the government of Iraq, Congress members and others has asked for troops to Anbar in western Iraq, where rebels have been thrashing men, women and children.

This new deployment would double the American troops in Iraq and the soldiers are expected to reach Iraq in the next few weeks.

Rear Admiral John F Kirby, press secretary of Pentagon said, the US president has authorized the positioning of troops in non-combat role.

Currently, there are 1,400 military consultants in the Kurdistan and Iraq region, who are helping the intelligence assembly and the airstrikes against Islamic State (IS) that captured Mosul and Sunni heartland of Iraq in summer.

The White House statement said $5.6 billion would be requested by them for the army campaign against Islamic State, along with $1.6 billion fund to equip and train Iraqi troops. John Kirby said, if funding is approved, additional troops will increase the military counseling mission in Iraq that started in summer and further will launch a new work force to train the Iraqi forces.

He said the army would set several training locations across Iraq. They would instruct twelve Iraqi teams, and would establish two centers for operations, where small advice-giving teams could work with the forces of Iraq at the brigade and headquarters levels.