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Kiss of Love takes on RSS in Delhi

New Delhi, Nov8(TruthDive): Kiss of Love campaign against moral policing kick started in Kochi and it travelled across campuses in Hyderabad- Mumbai- Kolkatta, and today, it is going to take on the Sangh parivar, right in its den at the capital. JNU students are behind this Kiss of Love campaign, where participants will publicly kiss each other in front of the RSS headquarters.

In all the venues, it was BJP’s Yuva Morcha that had launched an offensive against such acts, which it termed were against Hindu culture. JNU saw a surge of saffron party in recent polls. Yuva Morcha and ABVP would in all probability take on its own students from JNU. The FB page has already thousands of likes. Organizers say that three thousand participants are already enlisted. Delhi police and moral policing led by Sangh parivar, are expected to join forces to scuttle the Kiss of Love, says the organizers.

An eatery in Calicut was ransacked by Yuva Morcha, after a Congress owned channel showed clips of boys and girls huddled together, and termed that these kind of activities were seen in eating joints across the beaches of the city. Yuva Morcha smashed the hotel with waving flags when the TV cameras were whirring. As Kerala had been witnessing an increase in moral policing, students of Kochi colleges decided to challenge the moral police by a public demonstration called Kiss of Love. Predictably it got botched up with cops caning the moral police groups and taking the organizers into custody. The national and International publicity inspired students of Hyderabad University and here too Yuva Morcha and police spoiled the Kiss of Love show.