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Congress to rejig ministry as Brand Bangalore suffers

Bengaluru, Nov8(TruthDive): Congress High Command has told Karnataka CM Siddharamiah to go in for reshuffle, as they are worried that Brand Bangalore is in the news for the wrong reasons. Congress through the reshuffle hopes to bring a younger face at helm of the State party unit. The rape of minors, and the reactions from the CM and Home minister adding more fuel to the public anger, has made Congress in Delhi sit up and take note. It found that even after 18 months of Congress ministry in place , nothing seems to be moving forward and no new initiatives are announced. The reason they zeroed in was that the CM is holding on to too many key portfolios and there by not able to do justice. He is also not able to concentrate on party work.

State President Parameshwar and the CM are at logger heads as the former wants to be Deputy CM in the reshuffle. However the high command has asked him to drop the idea and take Home portfolio or industries that the CM is currently holding. The issue of Infosys making it public that it was moving out of Bangalore has dented the image of the city, popularly known as the Silicon Valley of India. The CM got a jolt and assured to lay out roads from the IT park to the airport and provide drinking water on an emergency basis to retain the IT major. The IT company had moved to the IT park on promises made by the CM but little was done.

Mounting protests from parents of children studying in schools is yet another cause of concern. The Home minister blaming media for sensationalizing the rape cases for ratings, has further angered the public.

In the race for top post for State unit chief are three people. Two of them are ministers in the cabinet and the other is the former Chairman of the Legislative council. Gundu Rao who is the civil supplies minister, Byre Gowda who is the irrigation minister and Shanker the ex Chairman are the choices. Congress is likely to choose one of the two ministers and chances are that Gundu Rao will get the post as he is said to be a Rahul Gandhi camp follower.