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Ajit Doval unravels Wagah bombing

New Delhi,Nov7(TruthDive): Ajit Doval, the National Security Adviser has sent a report to PM Modi saying that the bombing at the Pakistan side of Wagah border was a miscalculation by the terrorist group. It was actually meant for the Indian side of the border to spark off a fresh round of conflict. NSA has pointed out that several agencies claiming credit for the suicide bombing was a smokescreen to cover up the goof up and subsequent threat to kill the PM, was a ploy to make it look, as if Pakistan was the target.

Indian intelligence agencies had informed that an attack on the Punjab side of the Indain border was in the offing. RAW operatives in Aghanistan, too confirmed this. Indian side of Wagah border was under strict surveillance and visitors were screened strictly.
There were two reasons that made NSA Ajit Doval nervous. Tuesday was Muharram and Sikh pilgrims are to cross the border to Lahore to pray at the Guru Nanak’s birthplace. Pakistan had given visas and ensured security to the pilgrims. Given the trust deficit, Ajit Doval feared the worst. If civilians coming to see the Retreat were killed by Pak suicide bombers, it could escalate tensions on the border. If the Sikh pilgrims were attacked, a holocaust would take place within India.

Ajit Doval asked intelligence to place a two tiered cordon at the post, but not to show any nervousness or activity that indicated that India was anticipating an attack. In a rare move, Ajit Doval through channels told Pakistan that an attack on Wagah post was in the offing and from the Indian side. Pakistan Rangers on the morning of the bombing were seen tense. Indian Army played it cool but backups were ready. The suicide bomber, two in numbers were to cross over to the gallery stands on Pakistan side and make a dash to Indian side. They could not cross the first check post in time to reach the gallery.

Bombers were having bombs that were preset. The first bomber ‘s vest blew up as the crowds were going back. The second bomber fled and left behind a vest that had explosives. The group led by Hafiz Saeed wanted in Mumbai blasts, involved in relief ops show that it was a plot gone awry.