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Telangana state employees on warpath

Hyderabad, Oct20(TruthDive): Telangana government employees who were the backbone of the TRS fight to get statehood in a round table conference said that K Chandrasekara Rao (KCR) has fooled them. Telangana revenue employees association is very much upset that four months after the formation of the Telangana, CM had so far only made promises, but did nothing to implement it and instead is going about as an employee friendly person.

The government employees association, TNGO and Officers bodies are all unhappy with the way the CM is going about handling the government staff. The officers and employees are unhappy that KCR had not put pressure to get them transferred to Telangana as they continue to take order from AP. The officer’s body say that if KCR had intervened. the Union government would have expedited the division of staff. The employees owing allegiance to TRS was a major force within the government of undivided AP to force the hand of the Centre. KCR who promised them many incentives including pay revision is not implementing them. Pay revision commission has not been implemented is a major grouse. KCR is caught in a financial crisis and is dodging the issue as employees are getting agitated.

Another grouse is that KCR promised that all Telangana government employees will get health cards, which is like medical insurance by which they can get free medical treatment without having to pay any money upfront in any hospital across the state. This means that Telangana ministry has to earmark funds for this scheme and it can be done only when the budget is presented.
Though the heads of the Telangana employees are in constant touch with KCR and informing them about the problems of the members, no progress has been made and this has angered them to make a public outburst. Officers say that if further delay takes place in division of staff, then they would stage a dharna in Delhi. A few top officials are giving a wrong picture to the Telangana CM, feels the employees.