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BBC boss condemns China’s blocking of its website

London, Oct 17 (TruthDive): The website of Britain’s national broadcaster has been blocked by the Chinese Communist Party censors in China on Wednesday, the BBC said in a statement and it strongly condemned the action of China.

China has blocked the BBC site after the news services showed a video film showing the apparent beating of a defenceless protester outside a government building in Hong Kong which led the human rights protesters, movement leaders and politicians to condemn the police’s most brutal crackdown for a week.

BBC director of global news, Peter Horrocks said in a statement that the move appeared to be cautious censorship. He added the BBC condemns strongly any efforts to limit free access to the information and news.

Horrocks said that the BBC delivers trusted, impartial news to people all around the globe, and attempt to censor their news services shows how significant it is to get their exact information to the people.

The statement did not mention what would have prompted this move by Beijing. China has also blocked the BBC’s Chinese-language website. The websites of newswire Bloomberg, The New York Times had been blocked in China since they published investigations in 2012 into the family wealth of former premier Wen Jiabao and President Xi Jinping respectively.

Hong Lei, spokesman of the Foreign Ministry of China, said the nation enjoyed full freedom on accessing internet. And also, the government of China manages Internet in accordance with law.

This attempt to block the BBC site is not the first time happening in China. The site had been blocked for several days in 2010, when it coincided with the Nobel Peace Prize award ceremony for Chinese dissident Liu Xiaobo.

GreatFire.org, anti-censorship group based in China said the BBC’s English-language website had been partially blocked in the past 90 days. It was fully blocked only on Wednesday.