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Telangana records highest farmer suicide

Hyderabad,Oct 14 (): Telangana is witnessing three suicide deaths a day by farmers according to reports.

Crops withering due to lack of power to operate motor pumps to irrigate the field, loan waiver not being implemented and refusal of banks to give loans as previous ones are not cleared has driven farmers to suicide. Poor monsoon has added to farmers’ woes.

Ironically, most number of deaths took place in the constituency of Telangana CM KCR. Opposition parties TD and Congress have toured all the areas where farmers are dying to instil more fear, says Telangana Rashtra Samithi.

Now, TRS on orders from KCR is to send MLAs and ministers to affected districts to assure the farmers of loan waivers and cash assistance. Karimnagar, Mahbubnagar, Adilabad and Nalgonda in Telangana reported five deaths on Sunday.

Since the formation of Telangana, 230 farmers committed suicides. 30 of them are in Medak district which is the home town of Telangana CM. KCR has planned to visit the areas where suicides took place to offer cash assistance to families. Farmers say that police were not willing to register suicide deaths on orders from Telangana government. Supply of power at odd times has led to some deaths due to shocks.

TD MLA Revanth said Telangana gave Rs 40 crores to celebrate Ramzan, Bathukumaa and Bonalu festivals but it does not have money for farmers. Rs 17,000 crore is what the farmers owe to banks in Telangana and so far 25% has been given towards loan waivers.

Finance minister says that 25,000 farmers died during the Congress-TD regimes and now they have no ground to blame TRS. He says that Naidu is not giving power from projects in Andhra to Telangana and at the same time TD is going on a bus yatra to instil fear amidst farmers. TD was a party of realtors and businessmen and during the TRS plenary session more TD MLAs will join, he added.