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Shashi Tharoor sacked over Sunanda’s death probe

New Delhi/Thiruvananthapuram,Oct 13 ():Shashi Tharoor’s removal from the Congress party spokesperson post is a sign of Congress disowning him as the probe report of AIIMS on Sunanda Pushkar’s death has come out.

Congress is taking the cover over a report from the Kerala unit of the party on Shashi Tharoor. Shashi Tharoor had been invited by Modi to take part in Clean India campaign and he said in reply that he felt honoured to be invited and gave all support.

Sources say that KPCC report on the Thiruvananthapuram MP was pending before the disciplinary committee; news reached Congress that the medical report has pointed out that Sunanda Pushkar was poisoned, due to external force. The report had however left it inconclusive as it said that it could not identify the poison used and probably for the first time in forensic history such a comment has been made.

Delhi police has now instituted a new investigating team to probe the murder angle. Congress would not like a spokesperson of the party being implicated over a murder charge. Congress sources say that usually the disciplinary committee does not take any such steps and if it does so then it will ask for an explanation. In this case no such steps were taken. Shashi Tharoor had asked that his side be heard and took a jibe at KPCC.

Tharoor had said that he was invited as a Congress MP. Sources say that KPCC submitted a report showing instances of Tharoor praising Modi government including the US visit and as he had won defeating BJP which came second in Thiruvananthapuram, it sent signals to voters that the Congress MP was batting for Modi.

Another reason is that a section of the Church was influenced by Kerala CM Chandy to shift votes to Shashi Tharoor and praise for Modi will work against the party in assembly polls due in 2016 in the constituency. Shashi Tharoor played the outsider angle as being targeted by KPCC.

Sources say that spokesperson’s post is no great deal for Tharoor as without this position too his media connections will keep him in limelight. Dr Subramanian Swamy too will have to rethink on anti-Tharoor stance as Modi himself selected this MP from Congress to take part in his campaign.

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