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Chautala case casts shadow on Jayalalithaa

New Delhi,Oct 13 (): Jayalalithaa’s bail plea on DA case will come up before the Supreme Court on Friday and it shows that those with power and money can get speedy justice.

If the verdict of SC is to give a bail based on health grounds to Jayalalithaa, then it will cripple her politically in view of the Chautala case. Though it took 13 years for the judiciary to convict her, Jayalalithaa has managed to get a hearing in the High Court within two weeks and now the SC. This speedier hearing shows that rich and powerful can get the system manipulated.

Justice H L Dattu while hearing Haryana ex-CM Chautala’s plea for bail extension made a sarcastic comment on the speedy manner that cases were heard. In January last year, Chautala was convicted and he got a hearing for bail within a month.

In May, he was let off on bail granted on health grounds. As the Haryana polls were announced, Chautala’s health condition improved and he was seen campaigning. SC however did not appreciate the wonders of medical science and sent him back to Tihar jail. Incidentally, Tihar which has a capacity to house 6000 inmates has 13,000 prisoners and half of them are awaiting trial.

Legal fraternity says that Jayalalithaa cannot go on with business as usual if she gets bail only on health grounds. She cannot be seen in public on party platforms or holding cabinet meetings.

Bangalore jail authorities are now singing praises of Amma. They say that Jayalalithaa is not creating any fuss and is asking for no extra treatment except that she eats home-made food and does not wear prison dress. Jayalalithaa is not meeting any ministers or party workers but Sasikala is meeting a few. Tamil Nadu opposition has charged that there is no minister in the Secretariat as all are in Bangalore. Official work has come to a standstill, they claim.