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Jayalalithaa cites suicide deaths in bail plea

New Delhi,Oct 10 (): Jayalalithaa has moved Supreme Court for a bail application citing her failing health and political vendetta. She has also added the list of 154 party workers who died following her arrest and bail being denied.

AIADMK says that the details of the party workers who died (read suicide) were compiled as they wanted to give financial compensation and not for the bail application. This is probably the first time that the apex court will be hearing a bail application that cites suicides as a reason to grant bail. The suicide list makes an interesting read.

113 people died of heart attack on hearing of Jayalalithaa’s arrest, 14 people died in self-immolation, 15 people hung themselves and 7 consumed poison. 2 persons jumped into a river and died, two others jumped before a running train and one jumped before a moving bus.

AIADMK has released the names and addresses of Jayalalithaa faithfuls who laid  down their lives for their idol. In short, it implies that if SC too follows the High Court in denying bail, then more such heart attacks and suicides would take place.

The bail application says that the wealth that she accumulated from 1991-1996 was filed before the income tax and was accepted but the special court had ignored this. In a week’s time the Madras High court will be giving a verdict on a case by IT on Jayalalithaa not filing her returns despite having income.

Jayalalithaa has cited her back pain and acute diabetes in the bail application before the SC. Earlier it was decided to move Jayalalithaa to Chennai prison but she did not want to do so as it would show her in bad light of having circumventing the law. She therefore moved the SC as the apex court takes the view that jail is a last resort and bail should be granted and in cases where the sentence is only simple imprisonment.

Meantime, DMK has given the government a deadline to remove all portraits of Jayalalithaa from government offices and the Speaker to announce Srirangam seat as vacant.