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Tale of orphaned Andhra MP’s in RS

New Delhi,Oct 9 (): Andhra MPs who want to represent Telangana and spend their money on the place of their choice are left helpless.

Undivided Andhra has 18 Rajya Sabha MPs and after the bifurcation act came into being, the house chairman Hamid Ansari held a draw of lots and six of them were allotted to Andhra and Telangana. Those who want to represent Telangana were allotted to Andhra and those who want to be part of Telangana were selected for Andhra. These MPs can spend Rs 5 crore each year for development of their constituency they choose.

The nodal officer is the District Collector. These six MPs do not want to give the funds allotted by the Union Government to Andhra as they are hailing from Telangana.

The four MPs assigned to Andhra and looking to represent Telangana are Devinder Goud, M A Khan, Renuka Chowdhury and Kesava Rao.  KVP Ramachandra Rao who is allotted to Telangana wants to represent AP. Jairam Ramesh who represents AP is not a native of both states  and is left with a more difficult choice.

As per Union ministry, a MP has to choose a district from the State that he /she represents in the Rajya Sabha and has to allot the Rs 5 crore given by the ministry for area development. Ramachandra Rao who as per draw of lots represents Telangana gets invites and protocol honours from that State while he gets none from Andhra.

Khan and Renuka Chowdhury who hail from Telangana but do not represent it has not decided on any district as they have made it clear that they will not use MP funds as long as this issue is solved. They have decided to move the court if the Winter session of Parliament does not move a constitutional amendment to AP reorganization act. They have taken up the issue with Union Minister Naidu and Javedkar who are in charge of Parliamentary Affairs. The MPs say that right down to sharing of government staff was detailed in the Act but missed out the division of MPs in Rajya Sabha.