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New political parties mushroom in Andhra

Vijayawada,Oct 9 (): Andhra is witnessing a boom of political parties despite polls being far off.

According to Election Commission, Andhra has now around 25 regional political parties. This apart from Telugu Desam, YSR Congress, BJP and Congress. Most of these new parties have the Andhra tag to their name and majority of them have their headquarters in the proposed Andhra capital zone of Vijayawada- Krishna- Guntur.

Telangana has only two new political parties registered. Analysts say that when the agitation for united Andhra took place, many new outfits sprouted upholding this cause. As the bifurcation took place, these political parties stayed in the arena as they see themselves as an alternative to Congress that was wiped out in Seemanandhra region.

The name YSR too is used by some of the new political parties. Jai Andhra,Rayalaseema Congress, Telugu Bahujana and Telugu Congress are the names of some of these new outfits. Some other new outfits are Telangana Communist Party of India and Azad Congress.

Seven new outfits are from Guntur and the favourite tags used are Telugu, Samakiya, Bharat and All India. Andhra’s ex-CM floated Jai SamakiyaAndhra and now there are five new outfits with the name Samakiya.

YSR Congress is also another inspiration for some outfits. In Kadappa, there is YSR Bahujana party and YSR Praja party. Most of the new political outfits feel that with the void created by rout of Congress and no leader to lead its comeback, new voters who are disillusioned by the TD and YSR will pitch for these outfits.

The general perception is that TD is getting increasingly unpopular with peasants and is seen more as a party that is pro-rich. Building a new State had fuelled many hopes that were cashed in by Naidu but implementation has been too slow and has gone through many flip-flops. These outfits feel that uniting Telugus in both the states and ending one-upmanship is the mantra for growth.