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Mohanlal fans hack Pak sites in retaliation

Thiruvananthapuram,Oct 9 (): Mohanlal,Kerala’s superstar has won round one in the hacking war against Pakistan.

Pakistan’s official site, railway site and Pakistan People Party site have been hacked by Indian hackers. They have posted a still from the film showing Mohanlal and with a dialogue written which says, ‘ Nee poo monay dinesha’, a popular dialogue from the film ‘Spadikam’. In the bottom it says payback for hacking Lalettan site. www.pepco.gov.pk is the site that has been hacked.

Pakistan Defenders FB page is full of abuses in Malayalam posted by Mohanlal fans. All this is retaliation after Mohanlal’s blog – the complete actor was hacked by Cyber Warriors who posted a Pakistani flag and a map of Kashmir saying that Indian Army is killing Muslims in Kashmir and the valley will be reclaimed by Pakistan. It said that all Indian government sites will be hacked and bank accounts and credit cards will be hacked. The technical team that handled the blog got it restored in 30 minutes.

A link from FB leads to www.pepco.gov.pk that will lead to www.pepco.gov.pk/ PMH/lol.html which has been hacked and one can see a photo of Mohanlal with the message and that it is a tit for tat. The site homepage has a message that site is under construction. Mohanlal complained to the Kerala cyber cell about the hacking.

Reasons for hacking are many. Some say Mohanlal who was given honorary Lt. Col post had posted photos of him in military uniform and this might have prompted the Pakistan hackers to think that it was something to do with the army.

Others say that the actor’s praise for Modi’s ‘Clean India’ campaign could have irritated the hackers. Black Dragon hacked PPP website and posted Indian flag and ridiculed Bilawal for his promise to take back Kashmir. One comment asked as when Pakistani politicians cannot control their own country, how will they take back Kashmir.