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‘Impoverished’ Sanchez used to do ‘somersaults, clean cars’ to support family in childhood

London, Oct 09 (ANI): Arsenal’s 30 million pounds star signing Alexis Sanchez did not use to have such luxuriant golden days as his current 1,50,000 pounds-a-week salary suggests.

Arsenal paid 30 million pounds to sign Sanchez from Barcelona in the summer, with the forward signing a long-term contract worth 1,50,000 pounds-a-week, but the forward has revealed that he struggled a lot growing up in one of the poorest parts of Chile.

Along with playing football in the street, Sanchez has revealed that he used to do all sorts of jobs to earn money for his family, from performing flips, washing cars and even boxing other kids, Metro.co.uk reported.

Sanchez said that as he could do somersaults, people would ask him to do a somersault in exchange for 50 or 100 Pesos.

The former Barca star revealed that he also used to clean cars, adding that he got his first pair of football boots from the local Mayor, who bought them for him after his mum went to see him.

Sanchez said that he was totally made up like a dog with two tails. (ANI)