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BJP works only for industrialists, claims Rahul Gandhi

Ferozepur Jhirka (Haryana): Stepping up his attack on the BJP, Congress vice president Rahul Gandhi said here on Thursday that the former only works for industrialists.

“We do not run the government for one or two industrialists; we do not run a government of marketing. But whatever the BJP does, is only for the industrialists,” said Gandhi while addressing a rally in Ferozpur Jhirka town of Haryana’s Mewat District.

He also blamed Prime Minister Narendra Modi for removing minimum prices of cancer and diabetes medicines for American companies before going for a trip to the country.

“Cancer medicine which was available for Rs 8,000 will now cost Rs 1 lakh because of the BJP government’s policies. Before going to America, Prime Minister Modi removed minimum prices of medicines for cancer, diabetes, etc for American companies,” Gandhi added.

He further criticised the Prime Minister for not questioning Chinese President Xi Jinping about incursions during his visit to India.

“Chinese President Xi Jinping came to India and our Prime Minister was swinging with him, but at that time only, the Chinese army entered our territory, yet the Prime Minister didn’t ask him anything,” Gandhi said.

Praising the state for being a home to various medal winners in Commonwealth Games, Asian Games and Olympics, Rahul pledged a new slogan for Haryana, “Jai Jawan Jai Kisaan Jai Pehelwan”.

Earlier today, Congress Member of Parliament (MP) Deepender Singh Hooda held a road show in Sidipura area of Haryana’s Jhajjar town where he pledged to make Haryana, an unemployment, starvation and poverty-free state.

The elections for the 90-member Haryana state assembly are scheduled to be held next week on October 15, with the counting taking place on October 19. (ANI)