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Andhra CM to buy copter and give power to Telangana

Vijayawada,Oct 9 (): Andhra CM Naidu is to buy an aircraft and a helicopter at a cost of Rs 150 crore. At present, Naidu hires a private company’s helicopter for his travel.

For his several tour programmes like Janmabhoomi Seva etc, he has been flying around Andhra. As Assembly elections are round the corner in Maharashtra and Haryana, helicopters are in demand and hard to get.

Andhra has however managed to retain a helicopter till the month end for CM’s use. Officials have been asked to collect details of available aircraft and the choice would be left to Andhra CM. The aircraft would be used for travel outside Andhra and for trips abroad and the copter would be primarily for travel within the State.

Undivided Andhra had two helicopters bought from Bell and Augusta Westland, Italy. The Bell copter crashed killing then CM YSR. Augusta Westland copter was bought at a cost of Rs 65 crore. It was destroyed in a fire that broke out in December 2012 at the hangar. Five other trainer aircrafts too were gutted.

National Insurance Company that had the insurance of the copter would pay 58% of the cost to Andhra. This is the biggest purchase of Andhra government so far. As part of Janmabhoomi Mavuru, Andhra CM will open the Kadappa airport in the presence of Union Minister Gajapathy Raju.

Telangana CM too had announced that he would buy a copter for his use. The purchase by Andhra would be made only after the crop loan waiver is implemented so that a criticism of extravaganza is not levelled at him as the state treasury is empty.

Naidu in a surprise move said that he would give the surplus power from Andhra to Telangana. He said that he had warned KCR that if the State was divided it would hit Telangana as it would face power and water scarcity. KCR was however adamant on bifurcation and now the people are suffering. Naidu said that KCR is putting the blame on TD as it is the main opposition in Telangana.