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Telangana buys power at double rates

Hyderabad,Oct 7 (): Telangana state bought 14 million units from private producers at a cost of Rs 8.50 paise a unit.

Power from the national grid costs less than Rs 4 per unit. To top it, 300 odd ambulances went off the road as the GVK Company that manages 108 service was not paid their dues. Telangana CM KCR had to intervene to get the service back on the roads.

Congress and TD have mounted the attack on the CM’s failure to meet the power supply demand. They said KCR was falsely telling that power shortage was due to supply to farmers. They claimed that farmers are not getting power for more than three hours a day and crops are withering.

The opposition asked as to what KCR is doing as he promised that a dedicated line between Telangana and Chatthisgarh would be drawn to get power. The government to counter the protests from industries, farmers and households was forced to buy power at high rates.

An additional 8 million units is needed apart from 4 million produced in the region. To add to the woes of farmers, deficit rainfall had hit them hard. Only Mahabubnagar in Telangana had sufficient rainfall and nine other districts had deficit rainfall. Only 23 mandals had good rainfall.

Congress has said that farmers did not get the loan waiver and this added to the misery. They say that the city reservoirs pumps have not been repaired that has affected drinking water supply. 108 ambulance went off the roads as in many parts of Telangana, fuel outlets went dry.

Telangana Rashtra Samiti counters the charges by pointing out that Andhra has not given the state a share from Krishnapatnam Thermal unit and TD is now speaking a different tune in Telangana.

Telangana CM admitted that power shortage continues and it will take three years to be back to normal. As for the ambulance service, Telangana government says after it came into being the monthly dues were cleared and GVK stopped service as the money owed by undivided Andhra which has to be paid by neighbouring State was not coming forth.