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Pentagon says over $1 billion spent on military operations in Iraq, Syria

Washington, Oct 7 (): The Pentagon says as much as $1.1 billion has been spent on the military operations of the U.S against the Islamic State rebels in Syria and Iraq since the operation started in mid-June, with over $62 million alone in Tomahawk cruise arms and Navy air-strikes.

The data released on Monday by the US Central Command said that Navy has thrown down approximately 185 munitions, with 47 cruise arms launched from vessels in the province. Central Command said that the Air Force warrior jets have exceeded those figures, launching nearly 1,000 munitions. Central Command’s data also released that $62 million has been spent on the Navy munitions, but it did not provide the cost estimates of the Air Force munitions.

Majority of the Navy’s expenditure were spent for 47 Tomahawk cruise arms fired by the American warships in the Red Sea and the Persian Gulf that targeted on an al-Qaida cell, Khorasan Group, in eight whereabouts west of Aleppo city in Syria. Khorasan group was supposed to be manoeuvring impending attacks on Western and American interests, and the group was one among the important targets two weeks earlier when the U.S. first started air attacks on Syria.

Pentagon has struggled to cope with the definite cost numbers for the Syria and Iraq operations. Officials said that it has spent about $7 to $10 million since June daily.

The operation costs started in June at a very smaller rate, then the costs increased as the air-strikes started on August 8 in northern Iraq. In the later days of August, Pentagon stated that the cost was an average of $7.5 million daily. When, the air-strikes were extended in September to Syria, costs of the operation also increased.

Currently, in Iraq there are over 1,300 U.S. troops, including security staff at joint operation centres in Irbil and Baghdad, and advisory groups that are functioning with the Iraqi headquarters units and brigades.

An alliance of about forty countries is taking part in the operations led by the U.S, including some Arab countries that are conducting air attacks in Syria. Some European countries are also taking part in the air attacks in Iraq, but not in Syria.