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IS enters strategic Syrian city of Kobane on Turkish border

London, Oct 07 (ANI): the Islamic State (IS) militants have entered the town of Kobane, located on the border of Turkey and Syria, and have seized control of three districts following street-to-street fighting with Syrian Kurd defenders.

The militants entered the towns on Monday and raised black flags on buildings and hills, reported the BBC. Local officials said that about 2000 civilians have fled to the Turkish border.

Taking Kobane will give the IS control over a long stretch of the Syrian-Turkish border.

Almost 160,000 Syrians, mainly Kurds have fled the town.

A local official in Kobane, Idriss Nassan, confirmed that the group has gained control over Mistenur, the strategic hill above the town and that Kobane is now besieged on three sides. (ANI)