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Telangana to start land survey to nab encroachers

Hyderabad,Oct 6 (): Telangana government is to start a land survey costing Rs 600 crore soon after Diwali and this is a first in 80 years according to revenue minister.

The Telangana CM had stated that he would drive out the thieves who are stealing government lands. Telangana initiated a door to door survey across the State to know the identity and nativity of owners as well ownership details of lands. The outcome was that the survey threw up details of those who had encroached temple and Wakf lands.

Telangana government however hit a block as it had only land records that were dated 80 years back, collected during Nizam era. The cost of land survey will be partly borne by the Union government’s land record modernization programme. Rs 360 crore will be given by Union government to Telangana and the rest has to be borne by the State.

As first instalment, Rs 80 crore has been given to Telangana by the Union government. Encroachments have taken place in government and Wakf properties. Records show that Telangana has those lands dated back to 1930s. The government is witnessing the number of land disputes going up. The land survey will also help Telangana to computerize the entire data on land for which Google’s satellite imagery will be used. This move is to bring in transparency in ownership of land in the State.

Telangana CM and AP CM hugged each other at the Alai Balai programme and later at the Telangana Bhavan; he said Naidu was a venomous snake. Reason being that Krishnapatnam Thermal project that commissioned the first unit generating 800 MW did not give Telangana any share. The State has filed a complaint with the Central electricity board. KCR had said that TD and Congress that ruled the State did nothing to improve power generation and they were now blaming him. He said that it will take three years to give 24 hours’ power supply.