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No riverfront capital for Andhra

Vijayawada,Oct 5 (): Andhra capital city will be located on lands that are above sea level. Collectors of Krishna and Guntur have been asked to identify lands on an upper level for the Andhra capital city.

Andhra CM Naidu had initially announced that the new capital city in and around Vijayawada is to be located on the river bank. The riverfront capital idea has not been given up as scientific data available with the Andhra Government shows that in the event of flooding, a Srinagar like situation will happen.

Scientists had pointed out that the panel that is to identify model cities should also look into the environmental issues. Many experts had pointed out that a riverfront capital was scenic but a potential disaster. The Andhra government has finally woken up to the threat that a riverfront capital would face.

The farmers of Vijayawada have begun holding meetings in villages saying that they were not going to give land under Janmabhoomi Maa Vooru scheme. Under this scheme, farmers will get no money and three years later they will get around 40% of the land they gave in a developed condition.

Farmers say that except for an announcement that the capital will be around Vijayawada, no action or a land policy has been announced officially. In the absence of a policy, farmers are refusing to part with their land. Chandrababu Naidu has threatened that he would be forced to acquire the land from unwilling farmers.

Opposition parties have slammed Andhra CM for saying that he would forcibly acquire land from farmers. They say that small farmers should not be robbed of their livelihood and that Naidu was helping real estate agents.

All the political parties including the ally BJP, has put TDP in the dock for taking unilateral decisions on the capital city. As many areas identified for the Andhra capital have been classified as low-lying and prone to flooding, the size of land available has come down.