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Yesudas and Jeans

Chennai, Oct 4 (): Yesudas was never before caught in this kind of controversy. His voice is always sweet. Now, his words have become bitter to woman. His views about women’s attire has drawn critical remarks about his personality. Let us see his words.

Women wearing jeans disturb others.

Is it true?

Generally if we think purely about physical attraction, women or men whether they wear a particular dress or not they naturally disturb the opposite sex  when they are young. That is the reality. Young people are not sages or ascetics. They are in search of a mating partner by their basic instincts. The view of Yesudas is only against Jeans. Therefore, his view is not that much conclusive.

Jesudas adds:

They should not try to become like men

For a feminist, this comment should sound regressive. The trend now is that the women get qualified, get their job, earn money and spend just like men. They are no more dependent on men for anything. Women assert that anything done by men can be done by them. That is the equality they have achieved as per their claims. Then why Yesudas should command like this? Can a woman become a man by wearing jeans?

For Mahila Congress, it is “anti-woman” comment. According to activist Ajitha, the singer acted like a typical male chauvinist and she has found a sexist streak in the singer. For film-maker Geetu Mohandas, it is an issue of freedom and right to wear dress of their choice.

Well, everyone has all the rights. The right to food, the right for education etc. Similarly, there is a right to wear a dress of one’s own choice. That comes under human rights rather than women’s rights. We wonder why Yesudas has forgotten that he is living in the age of freedom and liberty of individuals.

See now,  this 74-year-old singer has suddenly become anti-woman, male chauvinist and sexist. The respected senior citizen has lost his respect among women or feminists.

Similar treatment was awarded to writer Jeyamohan recently. Mr. Yesudas and Jeyamohan could not forget these awards poured on them by eminent feminists.

If people like Muthalik  can be blamed for their religious and political colours, people like Jeyamohan and Yesudas have to be categorised in some other group of men. J or Y are not watchdogs.

But, a face of cultural police is hidden in every man. This cannot be denied. In fact, it is not police but army. In the history of civilisation, men have suffered a lot in protecting their woman. Millions of men have perished in wars protecting the land. For them protecting the land means protecting the women. They sacrificed. The land itself is a woman, not because it bears everything patiently but because it has to be protected from enemies. The remains of those warriors are hidden in the minds of the modern men.

The cautious voices like that of Yesudas need not be exaggerated to bring out a demon out of a beautiful singer. For Yesudas too, it is good to see him singing than talking.

Originally, the clothes were meant for protecting a human body from weather condition. Therefore people in different geographical conditions were covering or uncovering themselves differently.

The nature has evolved the human body for a man and woman in such a manner to complement each other . Their organs should unite to make a whole for further reproduction. Therefore they have different physical conditions and appearance. That is why they have to wear different dresses. For example, the man and woman should have convenience to attend the nature call. Woman cannot simply unzip and piss out. Probably Yesudas should have explained that way.

Or, Yesudas should have advised the people to avoid synthetics and wear thin cotton only suitable for the climatic condition.

But, he chose to invite Indian culture to justify his anti-jeans comment. The modern woman gets angry whenever men dictate in the name of culture. The dictates of men can be considered to betray their ill intentions.  In the past centuries women were denied education. They were not allowed to go out freely. They were denied property rights. Remarriage was not considered. She was asked to jump in to the funeral fire of her husband. All in the name of culture or religion. Malala or Kushboo and many other women can  express their views correctly in their good senses. Definitely any adverse comments about men will never draw any attention from men or media.

Perhaps Yesudas is aged and there is one or two generation gap between the modern young woman and Yesudas. He is expected to say only wise words. Then how Yesudas could speak the following words so unwise ? Is it really unwise? What and where is the error

What should be covered must be covered.

What is that? The breast or the lips or the hips?

The  jeans can cover  the body well. But, the tightness shows the contours of the figure. Similar is the T-shirt. Most of the women in India do not wear jeans. They are always well covered, not by the dictates of men or religion. They do it themselves. They know they have to protect themselves from the male wolves. Which good woman would wish that all the men looking at them should gaze with lusty feelings?

Yesudas knows well about the film industry. In this field, women are exploited to a maximum level. There it is not about a particular dress. It is about having a dress or not. There the navel area of women is meant for play. The breasts and cleavages are available for display. Men dictate women to do it. Women do it not because they like it.

If women are capable of living without the help of men and can get social protection by themselves, then better men shut up their mouths and reduce themselves to be sex toys. The future shall be in the hands of women. Until we achieve a reverse life, Yesudas is allowed to speak.